How to Unlock Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Double Bladed Lightsaber Early

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is out and reactions to the game has been mostly positive, and if you want to move through the game with a double balded lightsaber, earlier than the story would normally allow, then read on how to unlock it.

You’ll unlock the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order double bladed Lightsaber at a certain point in the story but you can also get it early if you’re impatient. Apart from looking cool it’s useful for deflecting more blaster fire, dealing with large groups of enemies and opens up a few more combat options to play with in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

A double bladed Lightsaber is basically not a bad thing to have so if you want to unlock it early, here’s how. And if you need help elsewhere we’ve got some Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order tips and a Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough to guide you through the wider game.

Here’s how to get it.

1. Play through the campaign until you leave Bogano for the first time

You can unlock the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order double bladed Lightsaber early if you know where to go but you will have to complete the first planet Bogano once. Doing so will unlock two new locations to explore: Zeffo, which is where the story wants to take you, and Dathomir, where you will need to go later but at this point it’s more of a side option.

2. Head to Dathomir to unlock the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order double bladed Lightsaber early

Dathomir isn’t the easiest place to go early on and is definitely better played later when you’ve levelled up a bit more. You can unlock the double bladed Lightsaber with minimal enemy contact but you will have to fight a few things along the way.

To get started head out of the ship and take the path to the right that leads down to a climbable wall. Head up and along to the right. A monster will look over as you go.

When you reach the top of the climbing wall make your way up the ledges on the right and look for an alcove you  can wall run up to reach a higher level.

Head up and look for a climbable wall you want to go up. There’ll be some spiders here you can fight if you want, or just try and run past. At the top turn around to see a branch you can use to reach a wooden crane like structure.

Head over the wooden branch and fight some spiders. You can cut the crane structure to release a shortcut down to the area you originally climbed up to. However, don’t do down and instead keep going past until the path veers right. You’ll see a big doorway ahead of you which is where to go next.

Head in and you’ll trigger a cutscene that will introduce you to the locals – a Night Sister and her Night Brother warriors. You’ll need to defeat the last two once she’s gone to push on. Once you’ve killed them head out the back of the room and you’ll see two ropes to swing on ahead of a Meditation Spot.

Use the ropes to swing over and prepare to be attacked by a Night Brother and two archers. Kill them and head up the stairs. The door will be locked so go around to the right where one of the archers was and head through there where you’ll be ambushed by another Night Brother. After you defeat him keep going and another Night Brother will jump out of the corridor you need to go down. Kill him and then defeat the archer around the corner.

There will be two more archers through the door on the left, on a ledge, so take care and be ready to parry as you go in. When they’ve eaten their own arrows wall run to the branch and use it to get to the archers level. Keep moving along the path and you’ll pass over the locked door which is now below you.

The path will take you back inside where you’ll be above a Night Brother and spider you can drop down on to attack. From here the passage will take you to the other side of the locked door which you unlock for a shortcut on the way back.

However, the main thing to look for is the ledge that looks over a bridge ahead with a cloaked figure on it.

If you drop down at this point and go left you’ll find a bench where you’ll unlock the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order double bladed lightsaber.

What you do know is up to you. The cloaked figure has some stuff to say if you want to meet him, and there’s other bits here to explore but it’s worth noting that this is as far as you can go for now. At the end of the bridge is a wall you can’t climb until you have a late stage upgrade so everything you can do at this point is behind you.

Take the link below for detailed screen shots on hot to get the lightsaber — happy gaming!

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