General Grievous Arrives in Star Wars Battlefront II

There’s a batch of characters from The Clone Wars coming to Star Wars Battlefront II during the next few months. The first of those, General Grievous, has arrived and the official site takes a closer look at what the character adds to the game….

When it came time for EA DICE to start working on Grievous, the team began considering all available references for the character, whether it be movies, comics, books, or any number of Star Wars compendiums. Following the research, developers outlined the core aspects of the character to include in the game.

“Some abilities are iconic and must be in the game, of course,” Guillaume Mroz, hero designer at DICE, tells “Like Grievous’s sabers spinning during his fight with Obi-Wan.” From here, Mroz created a design document that was shared with both Lucasfilm and his team. Animators, VFX artists, audio designers, and masters of many more specialized crafts were necessary to create the final “hero” product.

DICE made a significant effort to respect the history and legacy of General Grievous throughout development. It might surprise fans to hear that the primary inspiration for Grievous didn’t come from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, but instead from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. To wit, the “Thrust Surge” ability (more on that in a bit) is pulled from an encounter General Grievous has with Obi-Wan Kenobi in the episode “Grievous Intrigue”; the concept behind having battle damaged versions of the villain was inspired by “Lair of Grievous,” in which the cyborg general repairs his injuries. Grievous would be pleased, we think.

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