FFG Preview 2nd Star Wars Roleplaying Game Era Sourcebook

The second Star Wars Roleplaying Game era sourcebook, Rise of the Separatists showcases iconic Clone Wars era vehicles and starships, including AAT-1 hover tanks, LAAT/i transports, AT-TE walkers, Venator-class star destroyers, and more.

Players can find new attachments and gear to upgrade their firepower and supplement their protection when facing superior forces, while GMs can steer ever-more-deadly droid vehicles and battleships into combat against the heroes. And for the cunning—or the opportunistic—the influx of arms into the galaxy and the scrap left in the wake of battle present countless possibilities to profit.

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) bears the responsibility for outfitting soldiers with the necessary weapons and armaments to conduct war, and for their upkeep. This alone creates a markedly different tone compared to a campaign featuring credit-strapped scoundrels, underdog Rebel heroes, and on-the-run Force-sensitives—but it also places a greater charge on those soldiers to avoid losing excessive materiel. In addition to their regular loadout, clone soldiers are sometimes granted special issue equipment to execute a boarding action, planetary assault, reconnaissance mission, or other special objective. Adaptability on the battlefield is key, not only in terms of tactics employed to counter Separatist forces, but also overcoming and capitalizing on the terrain itself, whether the GAR’s soldiers are infiltrating the corridors of a starship or staging a jungle invasion planetside.

To return order and peace to the galaxy, clone soldiers march into battle with powerful, sturdy weapons and armor whose cost in credits would be out of reach of most galactic citizens—even if such a weapon did find its way onto the black market without a clone firing key. Such power comes with a cost, however, with weapons like the DC-15 blaster rifle and the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon being notoriously heavy and even prone to overheating. Some clone soldiers, especially marksmen, modify these weapons to increase their reliability and accuracy. When the fighting is fiercest, squads might be assigned flame troopers wielding the BT X-42 heavy flame projector, while the RPS-6 rocket launcher can disable or destroy enemy vehicles in the steady hands of a clone trooper.

All clone soldiers are clad in laminate armor that favors protection over comfort, offering soldiers some protection from blaster fire and even enabling them to survive for short bouts in vacuum. Advanced Recon Commando (ARC) trooper armor affords improved mobility at great cost to the Republic, but the integrated commlinks and scanning technologies are essential to the success of these troopers’ missions.

Some of the fiercest combatants on the battlefield, however, are the Jedi knights. These legendary guardians and peacekeepers of the Republic have sometimes adopted the suits of the clone troopers for protection, using only the most important pieces of laminate plates to avoid impeding their lightsaber forms and acrobatics. This so-called “Jedi Commander armor” is a stark reminder of the violent new reality commonly faced by the once-peaceful Order.

With war raging and no end in sight, the training of a padawan must continue, despite the difficult circumstances. To join the fight alongside their masters, Jedi apprentices quest to obtain a kyber crystal to focus the energies of their lightsaber. In Rise of the Separatists, players using the Jedi career can choose from the simple elegance of crystals from Ilum, the mysterious healing properties inherent in Thontiin crystals, or the rare but devastating power of the Zophis crystals, as well as other modification options to personalize their lightsaber.

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