Our Favourite ‘Star Wars’ Video Game Moments

Over at the official site, myself and a group of fellow fans and gamers take a look at our favourite moments from video games of the past.

See if you remember any of these games or agree with our choices.

Here at StarWars.com, we love video games. And we especially love Star Wars video games, which have a legacy almost as long and great as the movies themselves. With the next major Star Wars game quickly approaching — Star Wars Battlefront II lands November 17, and anticipation grows with each new trailer — we’re celebrating #VideoGamesDay (yep, that’s a thing) by looking back. Here are our favorite moments from our favorite games that have made us feel part of a galaxy far, far away.

Completely indulgent of me I know, but here’s my entry in the article.

Beating your own records in Star Wars: Episode I Racer (Nintendo 64 and arcade, 1999)

Throw yourself back to 1999 and the release of The Phantom Menace. We were finally diving back into the galaxy far, far away, and one of the best ways to explore was via my favorite game, Star Wars: Episode I Racer.

Racer gave you the chance to hurl yourself around 25 circuits on 23 worlds spread across the galaxy. That race could be as young Anakin Skywalker or seven other podracers. John Williams music was the real thing and not a midi version, the engines were roaring, and while the graphics may seem antiquated by today’s standards, it was a rip-roaring, kinetic run through such circuits as the Boonta Eve Classic, Mon Gazza Speedway, and the Spice Mine Run on worlds ranging from Tatooine and Ando Prime to Malastare and Oovo IV.

Available on home systems and in arcades, all versions were a mega blast through the most action-packed scene of the film and arguably the most dizzying chase scene of the saga so far. As someone who was beyond keen to soak up as much of the atmosphere The Phantom Menace had to offer, this was pure magic.

My favorite moment was always the last blast race to the finish. I had the maps down in my head, especially the Boonta, so I was time trialing against myself. Shaving milliseconds off the lap times — that was my wizard moment. — Mark Newbold

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