Fantasy Flight Games Preview Trandoshan Terror for Star Wars: Legion

Fantasy Flight Games preview the Bossk Operative Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

In a galaxy stricken by increasingly brazen “rebellion,” the Galactic Empire has come to rely on the talents of a cadre of infamous bounty hunters to supplement its forces and take down high profile Rebel leaders. Among the most widely feared of these hunters is the cold-blooded Bossk.

Remorseless and brutally efficient, this reptilian warrior has carved himself a reputation equaled only by the notorious Boba Fett. His success is at least partly a result of his unique Trandoshan physiology, which allows him to heal from otherwise deadly wounds at an astonishing rate. When Imperial military commanders have a target in mind, few can equal the raw ferocity and cunning of Bossk. Soon, you can harness the firepower and ferocity of a born hunter with the Bossk Operative Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion.

This expansion features an intricately detailed, unpainted Bossk miniature to expand your Star Wars: Legion collection. Unique among Imperial operatives, Bossk can join your army in two poses: you can depict him brandishing his fearsome Relby-v10 Mortar Rifle, or he can enter battle priming a deadly Dioxis Charge. In addition to the miniature, you’ll also find a unit card outlining all of Bossk’s abilities, as well as his three signature command cards that let you unlock his full potential. Finally, three upgrade cards round out this expansion, helping you modify Bossk with advanced training or specialized gear.

Bossk is a fearsome foe for any Rebel task force. A Trandoshan operating out of his modified YV-666 light freighter—the Hound’s Tooth—he has earned a reputation as one of the most effective bounty hunters in the galaxy by facing some of the galaxy’s strongest and coming out on top. When he comes into the employ of the Empire, Bossk thrives far behind enemy lines, pursuing his targets with a single-minded bloodlust.

Like Boba Fett, this Trandoshan is able to pursue bounties assigned to enemy commanders and operatives and—with his deadly combat skills—Bossk should have little trouble tracking down and defeating his target: securing a key victory for the Empire no matter what other objectives your army may pursue. Not only does his Relby-v10 mortar rifle make him a threat from a distance, it also has the suppressive power to slow down an enemy’s retreat long enough for Bossk to close in for a melee attack. When he does, his long claws give him a distinct advantage, letting him pierce through the enemy’s defenses no matter what kind of armor they’re wearing.

While his claws are clearly conducive to a career as a bounty hunter, Bossk actually features several other traits that make him a fearsome warrior. Even if an opponent gets the jump on him and lands a few blows, Bossk flies into a rage after taking too much damage, flinging himself into the fray with renewed purpose. Far from an uncontrollable rage, however, he can also enter a  Reptilian Rampage  that makes him even more ruthlessly efficient. Whether he’s using his claws or a blaster, the attacks that Bossk makes can be enhanced with the  Hunter  upgrade to make Bossk even more brutally effective against wounded targets.

Read more here, and pre-order Bossk Operative Expansion (SWL38) from your local game store or direct from the Fantasy Flight Games website here (available in Q2 2019) — happy gaming!