Fantasy Flight Games Preview the Resistance Transport Expansion Pack for X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games preview the Resistance Transport Expansion Pack for X-Wing.

The Empire may be gone, but those who vigilantly defend the Star Wars galaxy from tyranny still find themselves in much the same position as the Rebels who came before them. Lacking critical supplies and the support of the New Republic, the Resistance must use its own means to procure the vehicles and equipment it needs to continue the fight against the First Order.

Many times, ingenious Resistance engineers take matters into their own hands, cobbling together completely new starships from parts borrowed from a variety of sources. The foremost example of their work is the Resistance Transport, a custom-built shuttle designed to ferry troops and important personnel across the stars. Not only can this ship act as both a transport and a gunship, the cockpit can be flown as an independent ship in its own combat operations.

Whether you’re carrying high-ranking Resistance officers or using it as a command shuttle, you’ll soon be able to add one of these versatile transports to your squadrons with the Resistance Transport Expansion Pack for X-Wing™. Within this expansion, you’ll find a beautifully painted Resistance Transport miniature with detachable Resistance Transport Pod that can also be added to your squadrons. Accompanying these miniatures is everything you need to fly them into battle, including 8 ship cards—4 for the Resistance Transport and 4 for the Resistance Transport Pod—as well as 16 upgrade cards featuring some of the most prominent members of the Resistance.

Many of the starfighters the Resistance employs against the First Order, such as the T-70 X-Wing and RZ-2 A-Wing—are updated versions of models that have been in use since the time of the Rebellion. The Resistance Transport follows this pattern by taking a B-Wing frame and putting it to an entirely new use, helping the ship take on a completely different role in Resistance squadrons and adding new strategic dimensions to the faction’s battle plans.

As its name suggests, the Resistance Transport was designed with carrying passengers in mind and you’ll find a number of new Resistance-exclusive crew cards ready to increase the synergy of your entire squadron. Nowhere is this more evident than the legendary Leia Organa.  Ever vigilant in the fight against tyranny, Organa not only adds her latent Force abilities to a ship, she can also spend her Force charge to instill hope in a friendly pilot once they’ve revealed their dial, reducing the difficulty of their maneuver.

Organa opens new possibilities for every pilot under her command, helping them reach new heights. With her help, an ace like Poe Dameron can still activate his ability and perform two actions even after executing a difficult Koiogran Turn or Tallon Roll. Similarly, Leia Organa removes the drawbacks from Resistance Transport Pilot Cova Nell’s ability, allowing her to roll an additional die while defending or performing a primary attack without gaining the stress token from her revealed red maneuver.

As Leia Organa clearly demonstrates, the crew members Resistance Transports carry are often invaluable to the squadron’s overall strategies. While having such important personnel aboard their ships certainly puts a lot of pressure on them, those who fly the Resistance Transport are among the best at managing these high-stress situations.

Pammich Nerro Goode , for example, can continue executing red maneuvers while she has two or fewer stress tokens, letting her stay one step ahead of the enemy. Better yet, adding Korr Sella to her crew allows Goode to remove all the stress tokens she’s accumulated in a single swoop after fully executing a blue maneuver, helping her remain elusive and unpredictable throughout an engagement.

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