Fantasy Flight Games’ Preview Scenario from Epic Battles Expansion in Star Wars: X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games’ preview a scenario from the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion for Star Wars: X-Wing.

From small skirmishes between scouting craft to unexpected encounters in the depths of space, every engagement between starfighters in the Star Wars™ galaxy has the chance to escalate into a fully pitched battle between ships of all sizes. You’ll soon have the chance to create your own large-scale starfighter battles with the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion for Star Wars™: X-Wing!

In addition to new rules for flying groups of ships in formation, this expansion broadens the possibilities of X-Wing with eleven cinematic scenarios that evoke iconic Star Wars scenes. Featuring unique objectives and mechanics, each scenario invites players to tackle new challenges as they enter chaotic free-for-all battles, intense team-based conflicts, and much more.

Whether you’re mobilizing your squadrons to intercept a planetary strike or escorting a wave of devastating warheads as they barrel toward key targets, these scenarios can put you in command of individual starfighters or massive fleets, including new huge ships like the CR90 Corellian corvette or the C-ROC cruiser. Join us today as we take a closer look at one of the scenarios included in the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion!

Prepare for Evacuation

Few moments across the Star Wars saga are as thrilling as desperately evacuating a planet while the enemy closes in. When this happens, fighting is just as likely to break out in the space above the planet as on the surface. Whether you’re looking to recreate the Rebellion’s hurried escape from Hoth, the Resistance’s bold evacuation of D’Qar, or something of your own creation, the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion puts you directly into one of these tense confrontations.

In the “Cover the Evacuation” scenario, three transport vessels attempt to plot a jump to hyperspace as an attacking force approaches. Each team is composed of one to three players, with one side playing as the defenders, hoping to buy time for the vulnerable transports to escape, while the other side becomes the attackers hoping to destroy them.

Taking place on a 6’ x 3’ play area, the defending team begins this scenario with three shuttle remotes scattered across the battlefield. Unfortunately, performing the precise calculations required to jump to hyperspace prevents these shuttles from moving, making them vulnerable to attack.

But that does not mean they are totally defenseless. In addition to their thick hulls, every shuttle is better at evading attacks when it has an escort. These remote shuttles add an evade to their defenses while a friendly ship is in the attack arc, helping them shrug off some of the attacks headed their way.

Ultimately, though, a shuttle’s goal is not to survive, but to make the jump to hyperspace, a task that becomes easier the longer the scenario continues. During each end phase, the defending team rolls attack dice equal to the round number, placing one objective token on a shuttle’s remote card for each standard and critical damage result.

Read more here, and look Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion (SWZ57) in the fourth quarter of 2019. Pre-order them now from your local game store or direct from the Fantasy Flight Games website here — happy gaming!