Fantasy Flight Games’ Preview Huge Ship Movement and Damage in Star Wars: X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games’ preview Huge Ship Movement and Damage for Star Wars: X-Wing.

You’ve led squadrons of starfighters into the battles of Star Wars™: X-Wing, coordinating their movements and unleashing deadly bursts of fire on your opponents. But are you ready to take command of a fully operational warship? Huge ships are coming to X-Wing, bringing powerful new options for your squadrons, including new upgrades like Commands, Teams, Cargo, and potent Hardpoints.

But before a captain can start outfitting their ship for battle, they need to know how that ship operates. While these hulking ships can function similarly to standard starfighters, they also lumber into battle using a special tool to direct their movements. Once they enter combat, these massive craft won’t be brought down easily. Due to their size and unique capabilities, huge ships also use a unique damage deck that rewards shots taken from certain angles.

Veterans of X-Wing‘s first edition can find these tools, along with everything else they need to bring their huge ships into the game’s second edition, in the Huge Ship Conversion KitIn addition to a huge ship maneuver tool and huge ship damage deck, this kit also contains ten ship cards and five ship tokens that allow you to fly a huge ship in each of the game’s seven factions, a huge ship range ruler for launching powerful attacks beyond the range of standard fighters, 82 upgrade cards that invite you to customize the loadouts of your huge ships, ten Quick Build cards with helpful combinations of ships and upgrades, and much more.

New players, on the other hand, can start building their collection of huge ships with the Tantive IV Expansion Pack in the fourth quarter of 2019, followed by the C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack and the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack in subsequent months. No matter which huge ships you add to your collection, these massive vessels are an excellent addition when playing the scenarios contained in the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion.

Man Your Stations

Unlike smaller starfighters, huge ships like the Raider-class corvette and CR90 Corellian corvette require dozens of personnel to operate. From navigation to weapons, these larger crews give their ships some advantages, such as the ability to perform two actions each round and recur shields at the end of each round. To make full use of their huge ships, however, a crew must work together as a single unit, beginning with carefully moving their ships into position to open fire.

Due to their immense size, huge ships are less agile than standard ships and typically react to the movements of approaching starfighters rather than attempt to outmaneuver them. As a result, every huge ship card has a separate initiative and engagement value, separating the moments when it activates and when it engages. Crews must plan ahead, keeping these values in mind as they carefully plot their course and choose their potential targets.

When they are ready to enter the fray, huge ships are limited to straight, bank, and stop maneuvers, all of which are performed using a plastic maneuver tool specifically designed for the task. But huge ships don’t always need to be moving forward. Not only can they perform stationary maneuvers to remain in the same position, they can also execute speed-zero banks, rotating the ship to bring their most powerful weapons to bear on any incoming enemy craft.

Read more here, and look for the Huge Ship Conversion Kit (SWZ53), Tantive IV Expansion Pack (SWZ55), C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack (SWZ56), and Imperial Raider Expansion Pack (SWZ54) in the fourth quarter of 2019. Pre-order them now from your local game store or direct from the Fantasy Flight Games website here — happy gaming!