Fantasy Flight Games release Technician Specialization and Signature Abilities decks for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

From the website:

On the fringes of society, Technicians are essential for life. From building and maintaining the ships that transport goods to directly providing the necessities of life such as Tatooine’s moisture farms, technology is inseparable from life in the galaxy. And wherever technology is needed, there will be those who excel at inventing, building, repairing, and upgrading every bit of wire and metal at their disposal.

The Technician Specialization and Signature Abilities Decks are on sale now, ready for your ingenuity and fine tuning! Featuring the new Specialization trees and Signature Abilities found in the Edge of the Empire™ Technician sourcebook, Special Modifications, these 20-card packs each provide a card for every talent found in the three new Specializations introduced. Each card is produced in full color and contains all the rules text needed that makes them a handy tool for players and gamemasters alike.