Exciting Times Ahead For Online VR Players

VR (Virtual Reality) technology has leapt forward quite spectacularly in the last couple of years, and Disney has just raised the bar to a new level when it recently unveiled its own AR (Augmented Reality) headset for Star War devotees – as well as the new ‘Find the Force’ promotion that ties in with Force Friday II which launching next week.

The new Disney Star Wars Jedi Challenges AR Headset

The so-called Star Wars Jedi Challenges AR headset has been made in conjunction with Lenovo, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). It creates its magic by presenting images from our conventional, real world which are then overlaid with spectacular real-life like animations. It allows Star Wars fans the opportunity to wield a lightsabre in a combat situation of various Jedi (or Sith) challenges.

You will be able to get Star Wars Jedi Challenges for yourself by buying the special AR headset and lightsabre, and downloading an app onto an Android or iOS mobile phone very soon. You then insert the phone into your headset, don the headset and away you go. Holding your lightsabre, you can then actively interact with the AR world you have been immersed in.

As well as Star Wars Jedi Challenges, the AR headset also allows you to play holo chess.

The Rapid Rise of the European VR Industry

In a recent report entitled the 2nd European Virtual Reality Landscape (a report produced by the Venture Reality Fund and LucidWeb) 487 virtual reality businesses were identified as working in Europe; a figure which has increased dramatically from the 300 announced in the first report issued in February.

In other words the VR economy is expanding at an amazing rate, and the UK is leading the race with 46 VR companies, as opposed to only 29 in France, and 19 in Sweden, who recently overtook Germany who had 15,

Virtual Reality Online Gaming

There is no doubt, not only that VR is here to stay, but that it will continue to develop at a rapid rate of knots, and it’s sure to mean exciting times ahead for the online gaming industry.

In the same way that Disney is pioneering its AR headset, Mr Green is an innovator in the online gaming space. Take his Gonzo’s Quest slot game as an example. According to game developer NetEnt, this game will soon be given the VR treatment, enabling players to participate and enjoy the experience even more.

Bearing in mind that action in an online casino is simple in relation to big adventure games, the introduction of more VR technology is a given, and it will take the demand for online gaming to a whole new level.

Interacting through your Avatar in Virtual Online Casino World

Live dealers and scoreboards are in fact becoming the norm, but the chance to interact with the dealer, or with fellow players around you, is mind boggling. This would be virtual reality in every true sense of the word.

The fact of the matter is that by incorporating VR into iGaming, people will be able to enjoy the benefits of both worlds. It could well be the tipping point in terms of attracting a wider audience. The sensation of playing roulette or blackjack in a plush casino, using your avatar to interact with the virtual world around you, is something that could appeal to all ages and genders.

Out with Old – in with the New

James Bond step aside. There is a whole new breed of gamblers; some just as suave and sophisticated, and some, more shabby chic, and they are all waiting in the wings ready to take his place!

As the virtual gambler of tomorrow, just choose your avatar, and enjoy the ride.