Capital Supremacy Game Mode Coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

Electronic Arts has announced a new game mode set in the era of The Clone Wars titled Capital Supremacy that is scheduled to arrive for Star Wars Battlefront II players next week on March 26. Check out the intro to their article copied below and then take the supplied source link for more details.

Starting March 26, the forces of the Galactic Republic and Separatists clash in Capital Supremacy – an immersive, Clone Wars-era authentic experience in Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II – where non-linear ground battles fuse with the thrill of invading capital ships and taking them down.

Along with the update, we’re releasing our latest location, Pipeline Junction West on Geonosis, plus the Separatist Dreadnought and Republic Attack Cruiser capital ship interiors – all serving as settings to the dynamic and tactical warfare of Capital Supremacy.

Two additional reinforcement units join the battle as well – the Infiltrator class Republic ARC Trooper and Separatist BX Commando Droid. Make sure to read our deep-dive for full coverage on the elite operatives.

SOURCEElectronic Arts
Dianna Bates
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