UPDATE: Why Was Amy Hennig’s ‘Star Wars’ Game Not Mentioned At E3?

Amy Hennig has posted this tweet, updating us on the status of her forthcoming Visceral game.

Original article:

E3 has shined a strong light on Star Wars Battlefront 2  but another previously announced Star Wars game didn’t receive any attention, that being Visceral’s 1313 influenced game headed by Amy Hennig, initially announced at last years publisher’s conference. App Trigger take a look at this.

The project, which supposedly takes inspiration from LucasArt’s cancelled Star Wars 1313 title, has been known about for quite some time now, so it felt almost inevitable for some sort of teaser yesterday. Yet it never came.

Naturally, viewers took to Twitter to express their confusion and disappointment with EA’s decision to leave the project festering in the dark for the time being, but Amy Hennig was online to give a fairly reasonable answer.


With D23 coming next month perhaps the game will get more coverage.

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