A few years ago Amy Hennig announced that she would be joined by Todd Stashwick at Visceral Games to help develop a brand new Star Wars video game. Details on the project were (and continue to be) scarce at the time of the announcement.

Then a report came out in June of last year stating this new game would mimic the overall feel and style of the popular Uncharted video game series. Nothing further developed in terms of concrete details either confirming or denying that story except for Electronic Arts revealing that the game would be a few years away from hitting store shelves.

In a new interview posted on Glixel, Hennig spoke briefly about her upcoming Star Wars title and the topic of the game running parallel to the design of the Uncharted series was touched on. Be sure to take the supplied link for the full read.

While the new Star Wars game will be spiritually similar to Uncharted, Hennig insists it won’t be “Star Wars Uncharted.” It’s an important distinction to make. For example: you’ll never see an Uncharted game cutting away to the point of view of the villain. It may be third person, but we’re always following the hero, as in the Indiana Jones films. Star Wars, however, is different. It’s more of an ensemble adventure with multiple character arcs, which enables everyone to do things in parallel – witness the Death Star escape in A New Hope.