28 New Gameplay Details Learnt While Playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

IGN posted their final hands-on preview of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order earlier this week, and today they listed out all of the awesome new gameplay details they learned while digging into the newest adventure in that galaxy far, far away. Here are the first 10 things they learned:-

1. You can collect lightsaber parts and use them to upgrade and enhance your lightsaber at specific locations. This includes your lightsaber blade color.
2. Although Fallen Order has some Dark Souls influence, unlike Dark Souls, you can change the difficulty at any time.
3. You can use your droid BD-1 to scan environments or enemies to learn about them and their lore is added to your data entries to read later.
4. Hidden crates around the world contain cosmetic skins for your droid (alternate color schemes) and accessories for your hero, Cal Kestis.
5. Skill points can be found in crates in the world or earned by filling a bar by grinding against enemies.
6. There is a botany sidequest where you collect seeds throughout the world and use them to grow plants in a small greenhouse aboard your ship.
7. Your ship also has a small kitchen with various Star Wars-y foods scattered about.
8. You can access any of the planets in the game in any order from your ship and some of them are much, much harder than others, in case you’re looking for a challenge!
9. There is no fast travel once you land on a planet. You’ll have to navigate it on foot, like Metroid Prime.
10. Some of Cal’s Force moves are learned (and remembered) through a series of playable flashbacks from when he was a young Padawan in training.

View the full list at IGN.