Willrow Hood Mystery Has Finally Been Solved

The mystery over what Willrow Hood is carrying in The Empire Strikes Back has finally been solved. Despite only appearing on screen for a split second during the evacuation of Cloud City, the character has become somewhat of a legend with his own action figure and a huge following in the cosplaying community. In our world we know he is carry an ice cream maker, and we can now reveal that in the world of Star Wars the device he is seen carrying is in fact a safe, called a camtono.

The word briefly made it out into the world at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year when, in an extended clip from The Mandalorian that never made it online, Werner Herzog’s character shows the titular bounty hunter a piece of beskar—an ancient, valuable, Mandalorian alloy—and tells him he’ll give him a camtono of it when he completes the mission. “Camtono” also happens to be a word for “ice cream” made up by Baby Delta who went viral with her chatter in 2017.

We don’t know what the mission is yet and we don’t know the name of Herzog’s character. What we do know, thanks to a source close to the production, is that a camtono is like a safe or a lock box, Herzog’s character has one full of beskar, and it’s the same item Willrow Hood is running around with in The Empire Strikes Back.

We look forward to seeing the camtono on the small screen later this year on the Disney+ show The Mandalorian.

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