Which Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Are You?

Head over to StarWars.com to take part in their interactive quiz to see which Star Wars: The Clone Wars character you are. Just answer 10 simple multiple choice questions and you will truly find your destiny.

Quiz: Which Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Are You?

Are you a patient teacher or a headstrong Padawan? A skilled assassin or a fallen Sith Lord? Find out in this StarWars.com quiz!

The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars premieres later this month, and we’ve been rewatching the full series to get ready for the all-new episodes. That has us wondering: if you were one of the characters embroiled in the conflict, who would you be? Some days we relate most to Ahsoka Tano’s courage or Anakin Skywalker’s determination. But today, let’s let this official StarWars.com quiz act as our guide.

Watch the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars beginning February 21 on Disney+.

Follow this link to start the quiz.