Warwick Davis Actually Played A Lot More Roles In Solo Than We Realized

CinemaBlend spoke to Warwick Davis about the roles he played in Solo: A Star Wars Story. While we saw Warwick’s face reprising the role of Weazel, he actually took on an additional five roles in the film, taking his tally to six!

“There was DD-BD [a droid on Kessel], and then we have another droid, I think he was called Treybot, but he’s the one, once he’s released in the control room just goes a bit crazy smashing things. And then we have, during the Sabacc game is a little character that looks a little bit like sort of like a hamster kind of, he goes up and gives Han a little congratulatory pat when he wins the game. Then we have, during the Corellia spaceport sequence, I play, he looks like a little miniature astronaut with a gold visor. And then of course there’s the two droids having the droid battle the bigger red one and smaller green one. I’m the smaller of the two there. And that’s it. And then of course there’s Weezel in both his kind of disguised state and undisguised state.”

Read the article in full at the link below. Thanks to Kamino_Ghost for a heads up and link to this article.