Vanity Fair: Rian Johnson On What To Expect (And Not) In ‘The Last Jedi’

All of our minds are racing feverishly with what we’ll be seeing on screen in The Last Jedi (especially those of us like me who refuse to watch any trailers for the sake of spoilers). Director Rian Johnson lays out five things that we can expect to see in the film and five things that won’t be included in this piece with Vanity Fair.

Our cover story and accompanying portfolio about Star Wars: The Last Jedi offer lots of brand-new information about the eighth episode of the Star Wars saga—but there are still more details that didn’t make the cut. Below, a list of five things director Rian Johnson told us to expect in The Last Jedi when it opens on December 15, and five things that won’t be included.

SOURCEVanity Fair
Justin LaSalata
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