Vanity Fair: Kathleen Kennedy On Future Of ‘Star Wars’, Leia’s Episode IX Role

Vanity Fair’s next article celebrating 40 years of Star Wars and their exclusive coverage of The Last Jedi features an interview they conducted with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy. In the interview, Kennedy touches on Lucasfilm’s future plans for the franchise including the standalone film scheduled for release in 2020. Kennedy also reveals that it was originally planned for Leia to have a “really significant” role in Episode IX which echoes the earlier report from January. Take the provided source link for the full read.

In 2012, George Lucas surprised Kathleen Kennedy twice: first, by asking the esteemed producer if she would take over for him as the head of Lucasfilm (she agreed), and then, by notifying her that he was selling the company to Disney for $4 billion. Both moves have worked out. Disney has been a hands-off owner, and Kennedy has robustly revived the film-production arm of Lucasfilm—there has been or will be a new Star Wars movie in theaters every year from 2015 to 2020. In Lucasfilm parlance, the trilogy films, which are released in odd-numbered years, belong to the Star Wars saga, while the stand-alone films, which are released in even-numbered years (such as last year’s Rogue One), are called Star Wars stories.

Kennedy, 63, is based primarily at Lucasfilm’s headquarters in San Francisco, but earlier this year, I met with her in the Santa Monica offices of the Kennedy/Marshall Company, the production shop Kennedy founded with her husband, Frank Marshall. Here are excerpts from our conversation about the future of Star Wars and how the sudden death of Carrie Fisher in December changed everything.