Vanity Fair: Emily Swallow Talks Playing The Armorer in The Mandalorian Disney+ Series

Fans were introduced to the character known as The Armorer in the premiere episode of the new Disney+ live-action series The Mandalorian. Played by actress Emily Swallow, The Armorer was featured more significantly in Chapter 3 which was officially released yesterday for streaming on the direct-to-consumer service (where available).

Swallow sat down recently with Vanity Fair’s podcast Still Watching: The Mandalorian and spoke about how she obtained this role of a skilled Mando blacksmith, working with director Deborah Chow (who crafted an absolute masterful Chapter 3 in the series), the design of her armor, and more.

Leader. Strong. Zen, but with authority.” Those six words were all actor Emily Swallow knew about her character of The Armorer when she auditioned to play the blacksmith chieftain on The Mandalorian. But they were all she needed to get started.

In the newly released Episode Three, her character becomes even more significant and intriguing as she forges metal plates to protect her top hunter (Pedro Pascal) while fortifying the spirits of the battered refugees she leads from their hidden underground lair. Vanity Fair’s podcast Still Watching: The Mandalorian interviewed Swallow, who’s best known for Supernatural and The Mentalist, about bringing life to this enigmatic galactic leader.