Vanity Fair: Deborah Chow on Directing Chapter 3 of The Mandalorian Disney+ Series

Deborah Chow spent some time speaking with Vanity Fair’s podcast Still Watching: The Mandalorian about making her Star Wars directorial debut with Chapter 3 of The Mandalorian Disney+ series. The episode was released yesterday for streaming and has been drawing rave reviews from viewers as each new episode continues to elevate the production quality of the series even higher.

Chow will also be stepping behind the camera to direct the untitled Disney+ live-action Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Listen to her interview with Vanity Fair via the supplied source link.

It’s been a very strange day.”

Deborah Chow has directed episodes of Mr. Robot, The Man in the High Castle, Jessica Jones, Reign, and Better Call Saul, so she knows the demands and expectations of devoted fans. But she wasn’t prepared for the, let’s say, force of the reaction to her work on The Mandalorian.

Chow directed episode three — titled “The Sin” — and its explosive finale, which featured a group of hovering Mandalorian protectors in a shoot-out with a gang of bloodthirsty bounty hunters while the hero flees with a newly rescued Baby Yoda. The scene lit up social media—and her phone.

“I woke up to many, many texts and emails about it, and it’s sort of like, ‘How did everyone watch it so early in the morning?’” Chow told Vanity Fair on Friday, in a new interview for our Still Watching podcast on the Star Wars series. “It’s definitely unexpected, and I’m really happy for the show.”