Vanity Fair: Bringing Billy Dee Williams Back as Lando For The Rise of Skywalker

In today’s article covering The Rise of Skywalker, Vanity Fair looks at the return of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian, a character he has not portrayed on the big screen since 1983’s Return of the Jedi. Director J.J. Abrams was eager to have Williams reprise his role as Lando at the start of the Sequel Trilogy with The Force Awakens, but unfortunately a way to properly incorporate Lando into the film’s script never fully materialized. But Lando is back for the ST’s conclusion and we can’t wait to see the coolest cat in the galaxy in the theater once again, flowing capes and all.

Vanity Fair will be wrapping up their week of Episode IX coverage tomorrow, so stay tuned right here for their final piece when it lands. Point your browser here to check out their previous coverage of The Rise of Skywalker in you happened to miss their coverage earlier.

“Having Lando back in Star Wars is something that [cowriter] Larry Kasdan and I wanted to do in The Force Awakens, just as much as I wanted to have Luke training Rey,” Abrams said. “I was so excited about things that we just realized we could never, ever get to.”

Like a lot of Star Wars aficionados, Abrams said he “missed him in The Last Jedi,” and wasn’t sure whether Lando would ever be back. Abrams himself wasn’t even planning to return.