As all Star Wars fans know, there are a multitude of connections between the galaxy far, far away and the legend that is Steven Spielberg. So, when it was announced that Spielberg had a small but indelible hand in The Force Awakens it was little surprise.

Speaking on the director’s commentary on the Collector’s Edition of The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams revealed two scenes that Spielberg gave notes on. First, after Finn and Poe crash-land on Jakku, Spielberg had a thought about how to enhance the scene of the TIE sinking into the sand.

“[the] explosion was Steven Spielberg’s idea. He loved the idea that the thing get sucked into the sand and then… that!”

And then later at the sharp end of the film, the fight in the forest between Kylo and Rey.

“When I showed the first cut of this scene to Steven Spielberg … he suggested ‘What if trees were falling while they were fighting?And I said ‘That’s cool, but we’ve shot the scene already.’ And then I said to [visual effects supervisor] Roger Guyett, ‘Is there any way we could have trees falling?’ And he said, ‘If you want to pay for it.’ So we did.”

Smart advice which enhanced those particular scenes. If only he would go back on his pledge to never direct a Star Wars film, just imagine the treat we would get.