Titles & Synopses for First Two Episodes of The Clone Wars Season 7 on Disney+

Via this post on CBR.com, we have the title and plot synopsis for the first two episodes of The Clone Wars Season 7 that will be available exclusively on Disney+. The final season of the animated series will consist of 12 all-new episodes released on a weekly schedule.

Lucasfilm has released the first two episode titles and official plot synopses. The episodes will be focused on a mission featuring the Bad Batch, a squad of clone troopers whose genetic material didn’t match the rest of the Clone Army.

Premiere Episode 701- “The Bad Batch”
Captain Rex and the Bad Batch must infiltrate an enemy base on Anaxes.

Episode 702 – “A Distant Echo”
Anakin Skywalker, Rex, and the Bad Batch make a shocking discovery on Skako Minor.

The Clone Wars Season 7 heads to Disney+ beginning February 21.

Justin LaSalata
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