The Russo Brothers Would Totally Direct A Star Wars Movie

Avengers 4 has wrapped and all eyes are on the┬áRusso Brothers as they determine what their next project will be. At a recent screening of Avengers: Infinity War, the brothers held a Q&A answering all manner of questions from the audience. One fan asked if they’d consider working on Star Wars, and this is what Joe Russo had to say….

We grew up on Star Wars like everyone else did. I went to the theater when I was 11 years old to see Empire Strikes Back and sat in the theater from 11:30 in the morning until 10:00 at night and watched it back to back to back. So it was a huge influence on us growing up. Of course we’d love to work, at some point, in the Star Wars universe, but right now our heads are in the middle of another movie.

We say — bring it on!

SOURCECinema Blend
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