The Metro: Star Wars Episode 7: Shooting To Begin May (The 4th?)

The time draws ever closer until the commencement of live action photography on Episode VII and our latest blog for The Metro looks into that.

With the script for the seventh saga episode of the Star Wars saga now completed and in the hands of co-writer and director, J.J.Abrams, the wait for official news is almost at an end as the man who steered the last two Star Trek voyages to the big screen confirms that the film will start shooting in May of 2014.

The production, filming at Pinewood Studios here in the UK, will continue the Star Wars saga almost a decade after the finale of what was the sixth and (at the time) final film, Revenge of the Sith, which ended the Prequel Trilogy and capped off the live action big screen saga of the Skywalker family, a journey kickstarted once again by the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney by Star Wars supremo George Lucas in October 2012.