The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Took Inspiration from Star Wars

Bruce Miller, boss on The Handmaid’s Tale, has spoken about how the drama’s third season was partly inspired by Star Wars. How you ask, read on….

Well, chatting on Variety‘s TV Take podcast, Bruce explained how he considered the movie franchise’s Rebel Alliance during the development stage of season three, and how it helped shape June’s rebellious arc.

“For June it was a combination of imagination – what could she have done? – and then execution,” he said.

“So much of the season was about her learning to be a rebel – what it meant on the ground, moment by moment and how you do those things and who you have to compromise with.

“Becoming a rebel, and how do you actually rebel, was interesting to me because I have no idea.”

The showrunner then noted how considering the Rebel Alliance’s “day-to-day” activities inspired the show’s writers and producers throughout the season, noting that what they were “trying to do is fill up [June’s] toolbox”.

“So in the last few episodes you start to see her use those tools,” he added. And it seems we have Star Wars to thank for that.

Over 40 years on, Star Wars continues to inspire today’s most popular TV shows and films — thanks George.
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