The Empire Strikes Door – Trailer and Release Date

Jamie Stangroom investigates which Stormtrooper hit his head in 1977’s Star Wars, in a new documentary entitled The Empire Strikes Door.

Helmed by Jamie Stangroom, the project came about from the director’s penchant for tracking down and interviewing actors who played roles like Greedo, Oola, and even the dude who was hired to portray Jabba the Hutt’s tail. Most of these performers spend a lot of time at Star Wars conventions (making them easier to find and talk to), but for some reason, the person behind the concussed stormtrooper was harder to unearth. On his quest to find the genuine article, Stangroom came into contact with several individuals clamoring for the coveted title.

“I was also surprised by how much the ‘suspects’ I met believed it was them,” the filmmaker tells SYFY WIRE. “I’m sure there was a lot of head-banging going on, but these guys were adamant it happened to them in that particular scene … to the point where I have two of them sitting on a hotel bed arguing about it. Of course, I’m having fun with it, but they are taking it all, understandably, so seriously.”

The Empire Strikes Door is coming to  YouTube on September 25th 2019.