The Destruction Of Alderaan Was Completely Justified

Here’s a piece over at the Washington Post that totally subscribes to the much-heard ‘certain point of view’ way of thinking and is guaranteed to get the old grey matter throbbing.

My friend Jonathan V. Last ably laid out the pros of the Empire and the cons of the Galactic Republic more than a decade ago for the Weekly Standard in a piece entitled “The Case for the Empire.” As Last notes, on one side of the ledger you have a meritocratic force for order and stability led by a more-or-less benevolent dictatorship that seeks to maintain galactic unity, facilitate trade and head off a nasty intergalactic conflict before too many people can die. On the other, you have a band of religious terrorists whose leaders include a drug smuggler in the pocket of slavers and a pair of incestuous twins working to restore a broken republic held hostage by special interests that tolerated its citizens being treated as chattel.
I don’t know about you, but the good guys and bad guys here seem pretty obvious to me.

SOURCEWashington Post
Chris Daly
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