The Assassin Droid Jon Favreau Teased in The Mandalorian is Not IG-88

With joyous cheer in the air this past holiday season, Jon Favreau shared an image on his Instagram account of what we thought was a look at the assassin droid IG-88 from the production set of his live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian. And then just last month, Favreau released another photo on social media that shows director Taika Waititi (he helmed one of the episodes in Season 1) in front of the mic providing some voice work for IG-88.

Cool, so all this must mean IG-88 is officially in The Mandalorian, right?


The name of the assassin droid seen in those two BTS photos from Favreau is IG-11, as confirmed by Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican. The bounty hunter droid looks almost identical to the design we first saw on screen back in 1980, but it is not the same droid. In my opinion, the IG series of droids is one of the most unique droid designs seen throughout the entire Star Wars franchise. Regardless of its designated name, I hope we see this deadly droid kicking ass and taking names in The Mandalorian.