Teaching Star Wars: Rey’s Journey in The Rise of Skywalker

Teaching with Star Wars is a new weekly column from Dan Zehr at the Official Site that will offer unique lessons for you and your younglings that promise to foster opportunities for discovery and learning, all through the lens of a galaxy far, far away.

Rey is in a tough spot. She is somewhat isolated from her friends on Ajan Kloss as she trains to be a Jedi. Her teacher, Master Leia Organa, is patient, kind, and refuses to give up on her pupil, and while Rey is grateful and dedicated to her lessons, she is still restless. She wants to find her place, and figure out her next step in life.

But one of the main things that makes Rey a hero is that she carries on, even when she is really frustrated. She can feel out of control but finds a way to center herself, focus on her training, and be her best self. Of course, it’s never easy, but Rey will not quit!

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