Why ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Killed That Major Character Before The Series Finale

Cinema Blend have been talking to Dave Filoni and he has revealed the reason behind the decision to kill off a major character in season 4 of Star Wars Rebels.

When Star Wars Rebels entered its fourth season on Disney XD, the action was fast-approaching the timeline the original trilogy, and fans had to start thinking about why only two members of the Ghost were known to still be around by Rogue One. Since there were no Jedi handy to give Luke Skywalker any pointers, Kanan and Ezra seemed to be in danger of dying in the finale. Well, we now know that Ezra survived to embark on the next leg of his adventure in the galaxy far, far away, but Kanan lost his life in the second half of Season 4 in a devastating (although not altogether unexpected) twist.

Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni spoke to CinemaBlend about the last season of the show, and this was the first of a couple ways he explained why Kanan (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.) died when there were still six episodes left before the finale:

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