With the premiere episode of Lucasfilm’s new animated TV series Star Wars Resistance set to arrive this Sunday October 7 on the Disney Channel, StarWars.com has begun posting articles that provide us with more information on the cast of voice actors responsible for bringing these new characters to life on screen. Yesterday we got to meet Christopher Sean who provides the voice for series lead Kaz and today the official site places the spotlight on Suzie McGrath, the actress behind one of the “Team Fireball” mechanics aboard the Colossus, Tam Ryvora. Check out the intro to the article below and then click here for the full read.

[Suzie] McGrath recently sat down with StarWars.com to talk about the joy of playing Tam, translating her theatrical experience to the recording booth, and how her upbringing in greater London helped prepare her for the role. “There’s an element of a young urban, Londoner,” she says. “There’s definitely people like Tam on the streets of London today.”