Highlights 20 Characters Introduced in The Clone Wars Series

Head on over to for their list of 20 of the most memorable characters that have been added to the official Star Wars franchise by way of The Clone Wars animated series. One of my favorite characters introduced in the series (and across the entire collection of Star Wars characters as a whole), Cad Bane, is included above as the featured image for this story.

The premiere episode of The Clone Wars Season 7 lands exclusively on Disney+ next Friday.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars expanded the galaxy with strange, unexplored planets and a rich extension of the framework established in the prequel trilogy. The stories spanned from Coruscant to the Outer Rim and beyond. As the conflict ballooned, The Clone Wars brought in characters we’d never met before: notably the Togruta Padawan Ahsoka Tano, dozens of clone troopers (distinct and individual despite sharing the same DNA), crafty politicians, and beings trying to continue their day-to-day existence in the midst of a far-reaching war.

Ahead of The Clone Wars‘ final season coming to Disney+ on February 21, we’re looking back at 20 of the many memorable characters introduced in the first six seasons of the series. (And please know we only left Asajj Ventress out because she was introduced prior to The Clone Wars. But rest assured that we love her, too.)