Chats With The Creators of Galaxy of Adventures Season 2

With the first three episodes of Season 2 now available, recently spent some time speaking with the creative minds behind Lucasfilm’s series of animated shorts Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures. I personally am a huge fan of this series and hope it continues well beyond its second season.

When Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures launched in November 2018, it had one real goal: to present Star Wars in a fresh way that could be enjoyed by all ages. To accomplish that, and have it be successful, was never a sure thing, considering the series of animated shorts was taking iconic Star Wars moments and reinterpreting them in a very heightened, kinetic way.

Yet somehow, it worked.

“The first month of that release, it was really fun to look at Twitter and see people posting videos of their kids watching it and just kind of being in awe and wonder,” says James Waugh, VP, content and strategy at Lucasfilm. “That co-viewing is what we were always hoping to achieve.” Today, Galaxy of Adventures shorts hold the highest view counts on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, and Hasbro even released a dedicated line of action figures in the aesthetic of the series.

And now, on the heels of a successful first season, is thrilled to announce that Galaxy of Adventures is back. The first three installments of Season Two are now available, kicking off a run of shorts coming to and Star Wars Kids on YouTube, all focusing on a brand-new era for the series.