Over at my other site Total Geeks I look into the possible identity of the actor who plays the mysterious dark character in yesterdays The Force Awakens trailer.

If you’re anything like me, you were waiting around for the ‘Star Wars VII’ trailer to drop. And couldn’t believe how awesome it was when it finally appeared on your screen. But while we’re certainly impressed, the new teaser trailer raises one very big question – who’s the new ‘Star Wars VII’ villain? It seems that the internet already has plenty of theories…

“There has been an awakening,” says the sinister voice at the start of the trailer. “Have you felt it?”

It’s this voiceover that seems to be the basis of most of the speculation. And for good reason. After all, it sounds an awful lot like Benedict Cumberbatch.

The 38-year-old British actor has worked with J.J. Abrams before, on the recent ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. And over the past few months, he’s found himself constantly linked to the galaxy far, far away. But is that really him in the trailer?

Not long after the new teaser trailer appeared online, I was informed by a source close to production that the villainous, lightsabre scene was filmed on location during the Forest of Dean shoot. At the moment, that remains unverified… but judging from the surrounding scenery, it certainly makes a lot of sense.

But here’s the thing – during the shoot, I paid a visit to the cast and crew at their hotel. And while I bumped into a number of actors (and even J.J. Abrams himself), I never once saw the great Benedict Cumberbatch.

But does that mean he’s not in the movie?

Not at all. In fact, it tells us very little. I’ve since spoken to a number of sources who confirm that Benedict was not seen with the cast or crew during the Forest of Dean shoot. But then, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to see him staying elsewhere.