Any fan of The Clone Wars should be tipping their imaginary hats (or fedora’s in the case of Dave Filoni) to the gang at Star Wars Underworld for their sterling eforts to get The Clone Wars trending on Twitter yesterday. It’s sites like this who have been at the vanguard of trying to save the show, so everyone at Jedi News would like to say ‘thank you’ for a great idea.

We were loud and it will be next to impossible for Disney to ignore the over 7000 tweets that poured in from fans showing their support for the show. It is now a matter of how they will react. Hopefully, we taught them to think long and hard before they decide to cancel something so beloved again.

The greatest thing that happened, however, was something that was never considered when planning this protest. Not only did we (hopefully) get through to Disney, in the process we also reminded the cast and crew of The Clone Wars how loved they are. It was as much a thank you to them, as it was an attempt to save the series. It is for that reason, above all else, I consider Saturday a success.

But the fight’s not over! Keep letting Disney know you love the series, drive the message home. Make sure they don’t make this kind of mistake again! If you haven’t sent a letter already – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Send one now and let your voice be heard. Keep tweeting @Disney and using the hashtag #SaveTheCloneWars. Make sure they think twice about decisions like this in the future.

I want to say a giant thank you to everyone who tweeted and to everyone who helped spread the word. Special thanks go to:

  • The Team
  • RebelForce Radio
  • Jedi News
  • Club Jade
  • The Star Wars Report
  • Yoda News
  • Sandtroopers
  • Following the Nerd
  • The Bearded Trio
  • Paul Bateman
  • Rick Fitts (Star Trek)
  • Megan Rath (Being Human)
  • Sam Huntignton (Fanboys, Being Human)
  • Harry Knowles
  • High Adventure
  • R2 in 22
  • Knights Archive
  • The ForceCast

And finally to my good buddy (and SWU founder) Benjamin Hart, for encouraging me to pursue this crazy idea!