‘Star Wars Rebels’ UK Return Date – Saturday February 24th

In the US, Star Wars Rebels returned to the small screen on Monday evening with two episodes airing back-to-back (Jedi Night and DUME). In the UK we are getting the first of these two episodes, Jedi Night, this Saturday 24th February at 9am on Disney XD.

We reached out to Disney UK and were told that each week through March the remaining episodes will air, one per week, through to the end of the month (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st). This would suggest that the season finale which consists of two episodes (15 & 16) will air together on March 31st. The US gets the season finale on March 5th, and unfortunately those in the UK will have to wait till the end of March to see those episodes.

Here’s a list of the final episodes and their respective US and UK air dates: –

  • Episode 10: Jedi Night – US 19th February, UK February 24th
  • Episode 11: DUME – US 19th February, UK March 3rd
  • Episode 12: Wolves and a Door, US 26th February, UK March 10th
  • Episode 13: A World Between Worlds, US 26th February, UK March 17th
  • Episode 14: A Fool’s Hope, US March 5th, UK March 24th
  • Episodes 15-16: Family Reunion – and Farewell, US March 5th, UK March 31st