Star Wars Rebels Star Claims Fans Are Disappointed to Learn He Is Kallus

David Oyelowo says Star Wars Rebels fans are “perpetually disappointed” when they learn he’s “Hot Kallus.”

Of all the characters in Star Wars Rebels, one of the most interesting journeys was that of Kallus, though actor David Oyelowo claims that fans are often disappointed when they meet him and realize how he looks nothing like the animated figure. When the character debuted in the series, he was a vicious Imperial who would stop at nothing to find his target, only to defect from the terrifying organization and join the Rebel Alliance. A key part of this transition of allegiances was embracing a more renegade aesthetic, letting his hair grow out and earning the nickname among fans of “Hot Kallus.”

“It’s always been my ambition to play a white, ginger guy,” the actor joked with People. “The weird thing that happened during Star Wars Rebels was that my character took this kind of unexpected evolution where he went from being this guy to what became popularly known as ‘Hot Kallus.’ They kind of let his hair down a little bit more, he grew out the sideburns a bit. I think I was just a perpetual disappointment when the fans would meet me. They’d go, ‘Oh my God, this guy is Hot Kallus,’ and I’d go, ‘Hi, I’m David Oyelowo, and I’m Hot Kallus, I guess?'”

While the actor claims some fans might be disappointed upon meeting him, he also confessed that his kids had an entirely different reaction.

“There are so many films I’ve done that my kids couldn’t care less about,” Oyelowo noted. “So to have something where they go, ‘Dad! That is so cool!’ is everything.”

Kallus debuted in the series premiere of Rebels and was a major component of the series up through its conclusion. The success of the series has led fans to speculate about whether we could ever see these characters come to life in a live-action project, with Kallus seeming like one of the more likely villains from the series to seamlessly blend in with the live-action adventures.

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