UPDATE:¬†Lucasfilm’s own Tracy Cannobbio has verified to us this afternoon that Season 4 will consist of 16 episodes, including a few two-part episodes.


Quite a bit of news pertaining to Disney XD’s hit animated series¬†Star Wars Rebels came out of last weekend’s Celebration Orlando 2017. We learned that the series will be ending this Fall with Season 4 and saw an awesome trailer that really raised the stakes for our heroes. Dave Filoni revealed that this final season will play out like one long story arc that will surely will be filled with exciting (and somber) plot points.

One other bit of news that reportedly came out of Celebration was the announcement that Season 4 will be comprised of only 15 episodes. I have been searching for an exact source of this news, as it was never mentioned during the Rebels Season 4 panel or during the press conference conducted afterwards. Turns out this news was made available via a press release that was sent out to a select group of media outlets.

Here’s hoping an official announcement is released on a wider scale in the near future.