Star Wars Rebels Is Coming!

Star Wars Rebels is getting ready to air on the Watch Disney XD App and online on Friday September 26th, so we felt it appropriate to let you loyal Jedi News fans know that we will be reviewing the episodes of Rebels for the site. Who are we? Well we are the dynamic duo of Aaron Goins and Teresa Delgado. You may know us from the podcast Star Wars Bookworms and now we are joining our writing forces to bring you recaps of the brand new CGI Star Wars Rebels animated series.

We are planning on reviewing these episodes in broken down format. So to introduce you to what you can expect we will break down our excitement for you.

Star Wars Rebels Is Coming


Teresa: Rebels, new ships, bucketheads, droids, a Jedi that survived Order 66 and a Mando! Enough Said! There are so many things about the storyline to Star Wars Rebels that has me excited. I am a big fan of the Clone Wars, one of the biggest there is but I can honestly say my excitement for Rebels has reached a level that my Clone Wars excitement never got to. I think part of this is because this is a time frame that has been off limits. We never got stories in this period not even in comic or novel form. There is so much unexplored territory that I have no idea what to expect and this excites me. With each clip that we have seen I have gotten more and more excited. I am ready to join the rebellion!

Aaron: This is a time period I am really looking forward to exploring. We have seen stories in this era in Star Wars literature but this will be our first foray into the “Dark Times” on screen. A group of diverse rebels doing good in the galaxy while being chased by the Empire. What more could you want from a Star Wars story. And there is a Jedi survivor of Order 66 and he is being hunted by a Force using Inquisitor! Can you tell I’m excited? If the stories we got from The Clone Wars are any indication we are in for some amazing additions to the Star Wars lore.


Teresa: I am loving the dynamic of the crew from what we have seen so far. When the characters were introduced I thought that I would be a big Sabine fan. I still feel like I will love her but my close connections to the character of Hera have made her my most anticipated character. I am also very excited about Chopper because I tend to be partial to droids and smaller cute characters in the world of Star Wars. The novel A New Dawn has also helped shape my excitement for Hera. I loved her voice and personality in the novel and I really can not wait to see her on the small screen. I am very intrigued by Zeb. I think part of the reason is he is voiced by Steve Blum who is such an amazing voice actor. I know that he is going to knock this role out of the park just like he did for one of my favorite characters on Transformers Prime (Starscream). There is another character that I am looking forward to and I have heard we will see him in the first episode so I am hoping this means the 1hr movie premiere. He is a little baby Wookiee named Kitwarr. In fact I have already started (although be it small) campaign for more Kitwarr… #Wewantmorekitwarr

Aaron: The entire crew looks amazing and I can’t wait to see them all in action, but the character I am most excited about is Kanan. I have always been partial to Jedi characters, and he seems to be the lone Jedi in the show.. for now. Reading the novel A New Dawn has given me a sneak peek at the type of character he will be and I like what I see so far. He’s a good-hearted rogue with some emotional baggage and he happens to carry a lightsaber. Like Han Solo with a lightsaber and maybe a little more depth.

Hera and Zeb also seem interesting and Chopper has already been hilarious in the few clips we’ve seen. Sabine and Ezra so far are the ones I am least excited for but I’m sure they will grow on me.

Outstanding Moments:

Since we have not seen any of the show proper we are picking our 3 favorite/most outstanding moments from the trailers, interstitials and preview clips.

Teresa: The entire clip of the Machine In The Ghost was outstanding for me. The interaction of Chopper with Hera and Kanan had my side in stitches. From this clip however my favorite part was the hint at a romantic connection between Hera and Kanan. This felt very Han and Leia or OT if you will. The clip of Hera and Sabine where Disney actually acknowledges the two female characters and highlights them! This is an outstanding moment because of all the attention the show is getting being on Disney’s “boys” network (this needs to change by the way) and they chose to highlight the girls! Girl Power!

The appearance of Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) in the Star Wars Rebels extended trailer. I got chills!

Aaron: I agree with Teresa the entire clip “Machine in the Ghost” was great. A standout moment in it for me was when Chopper bangs his head (I guess he really doesn’t have a head) against the wall. It shows so much personality and I love what I have seen from this little droid so far.

There is a scene from the full length trailer where Kanan is standing with his lightsaber ignited on top of the Ghost as it rises into view. What an amazing visual!

Before the show has even aired we have been given an amazing lightsaber battle. The clip was initially shown as San Diego Comic Con but has since been released to YouTube. Kanan vs. The Inquisitor. It’s amazing as it sounds.

Teresa’s Favorite Quote: “That’s not what he said!” -Zeb

In the clip titled Star Wars Rebels: Droids that you can find here Zeb has one of my favorite quotes! This was the one quote that elicited a true laugh from me so far. I really love the dynamic between Zeb and the droids and how much he dislikes them and more specifically Chopper. I think that relationship is going to be a fun one to watch develop.

Aaron’s Favorite Quote: “Focus your fire… on the Jedi” – Agent Kallus

When I watched the trailer for Rebels the first time, I got chills at this moment. Then I watched it again. Got chills again. It’s such an amazing moment when Kanan is forced to reveal himself as a Jedi and you can hear the shock in Kallus’ voice. The Jedi have returned and that’s going to be a problem for the Empire.

As you can probably tell we are very excited for Star Wars Rebels and we can’t wait to bring you some great episode reviews after each show. Be looking for them right here at Jedi News.

Aaron Goins
Aaron has been active in the Star wars fan community for a number of years and has featured on a variety of sites and podcasts including Star Wars Bookworms with Teresa Delgado and Star Scavengers with Johnamarie Macias.