Star Wars Rebels: ‘The Holocrons of Fate’


Aaron: With his escape from Malachor at the end of last season I think we all knew we would see Maul again. I just didn’t think we would see him so soon. Maul had a plan to unite the Sith and Jedi holocrons so he could learn the answer to a burning question. In order to get the Jedi to go retrieve the Sith holocron for him, he used their weakness against them. Their attachments in the form of their fellow crewmates.


It was interesting to see Maul use the Force to pull information from Hera. We have recently seen Kylo Ren use a similar Force power with less success in The Force Awakens. Maul was able to get the information he needed and find the Jedi holocron in Kanan’s quarters.


The idea of a vergence was brought up in this episode by Bendu. I think the last time we heard that term in canon was from Qui-Gon in reference to a vergence around Anakin Skywalker. We learned that combining the Jedi and Sith holocrons would create a vergence and allow the ones who combined them to see a truth. It’s dangerous power, but one Kanan and Ezra were willing to give Maul in exchange for the safety of their friends.


What was really exciting was what Ezra and Maul ended up seeing during their vergence ceremony. Ezra wanted to learn how to defeat the Sith. Maul wanted hope (by hope I think he meant revenge.) Based on Ezra saying “twin suns” and Maul saying “he’s alive” it looks like we may be getting a visit to Tatooine in a future episode. It is curious that Maul is still seeking out Obi-Wan. I guess killing his one true love just wasn’t enough. I’m crossing my fingers for an Obi-Wan/Maul showdown like we got in the Visionaries comic as the final end to this hard-to-kill former Sith Lord.


Aaron: I have enjoyed these first few episodes but I will be happy to get some focus back on characters like Hera, Zeb, and Sabine. Besides their poorly executed breakout attempt, they really didn’t have anything to do. And Chopper has basically disappeared into the background. He isn’t even getting his one big “Chopper moment” we are so used to seeing each episode. I hope this turns around soon because the humor and lightheartedness is definitely missing.


Ezra and Kanan are taking major steps in repairing their relationship. Ezra seems to be realizing that no matter how powerful he is becoming he still needs Kanan. I was worried that Kanan was going to be sidelined after being blinded at the end of last season. Instead he seems to actually be more in touch with the Force and is still teaching Ezra important lessons. And that bro hug was priceless.

Outstanding Moments

Aaron: My favorite part of this episode was the confrontation between Kanan and Maul. Maul started out mocking Kanan and clearly thought his blindness had made him weak. When Maul sent Kanan out of the airlock I had to catch my breath. That is usually a death sentence in Star Wars. You get ejected into the coldness of space, you die. But not Kanan. Not only does he calmly get himself back to safely, but he also saves the lives of his friends with one triumphant swing of his lightsaber.

Favorite Quotes



“Do as you must, but such power comes with a price. Once a secret is known, it cannot be unknown.” – Bendu

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