‘Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary Birthday Cake Poster

From the team over on StarWars.com:

Commemorating Star Wars anniversaries with a poster has become something of a tradition since 1978, when the iconic “One Year Old Today” birthday cake poster was sent to theaters still showing the movie a year after its release on May 25, 1977. In the decades since, posters have often marked the milestone years, summing up in a single image what the film has come to represent to both fans and culture alike. We’ve gathered a handful of these posters, as well as some poster concepts, in the following gallery, which includes a 2017 homage to that first exciting anniversary in 1978.

For the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, StarWars.com sends a nod toward its poster heritage with a modern version of the original 1978 birthday cake poster, updated in red, with a contingent of 40th anniversary Hasbro Black Series action figures mimicking their original positions. Incidentally, the StarWars.com team fully devoured the custom-made cake immediately after the poster was completed. It had raspberry filling.

Dianna Bates
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