Sources: Boba Fett Standalone Film Could Be Revisited In The Future

The big news this week centered around Lucasfilm’s decision to pull the plug on the development of the long-rumored Boba Fett standalone film. While the film was never officially announced to the general public, the idea of releasing a standalone film featuring the bounty hunter in the titular role had been something Lucasfilm was planning for several years.

Sources have reportedly told Entertainment Weekly that while the Fett feature film is no longer being worked on, there remains the possibility of Lucasfilm revisiting this standalone project down the road.

Entertainment Weekly sources confirmed that the film about Fett, which has been something Lucasfilm has been exploring since 2013, is now not in active development. However, the possibility of a resurrection remains.

We can probably make the general assumption that the green light on a Boba Fett film being released in the future will hinge to some degree on the success of writer Jon Favreau’s live-action Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian. If that series performs well and the interest in the Mando theme remains high, Lucasfilm may see that as their opportunity to bring the iconic armor to the big screen.