‘Solo’ – New Character For Anthony Daniels & Reprisal Of Existing For Warwick Davis

It would seem that we have some confirmation of what primary characters both Anthony Daniels and Warwick Davis portray in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

For Daniels it appears we have a new character, and for Davis it’s the return of a character he played almost twenty years ago. If you don’t want to know any more then we suggest you don’t read on — you’ve been warned!

OK, here we go….

According to this post by Stich Kingdom on Instagram (where they have obtained a cast list for Solo from a hidden Disney publicity website) we can see that Daniels plays a new character called ‘Tak’, while Davis reprises the role of weapons dealer ‘Weavel’ (first seen on-screen in The Phantom Menace in 1999).

We also know that Davis plays others characters in Solo including ‘DD-BD’. What is not yet confirmed is if Daniels reprises the role of ‘C-3PO’ who has appeared in all eight episodic films to-date and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Mark Hamill alluded to Daniels reprising the role of ‘3PO’ earlier this week when he let slip that Daniels appears in Solo — making it ten Star Wars film appearances in total, more than any other actor.

More as we get it!