‘Solo’ Cuts: Two Legends Characters, Han’s Imperial Aerial Training, Kasdan Cameo

WARNING: Potential Solo spoilers contained below. If you haven’t seen the film yet, you may want to hold off on reading any further until you have done so.

With all the talk centering around what fans saw on screen in Solo: A Star Wars Story (including that MASSIVE cameo towards the end of the film), this update switches gears and takes a look at what was left on the film’s cutting room floor.

First up is writer Jon Kasdan’s tweet to a fan confirming that the two Star Wars Legends characters Tag and Bink, whom director Ron Howard revealed would be making an appearance in the film back in October, were eventually cut from the finished edit. Sounds like their deleted scene(s) will be included as bonus content on the Solo Blu-ray release.

Next, via an article posted on IndieWire, we learn that the plan was to show more of Han in the first act of the film during his time in the Imperial Navy, including him going through aerial training that would eventually help lead him to becoming the ace pilot we see in the Original Trilogy. This scene, according to Jon Kasdan, will most likely be part of the Blu-ray deleted scene bonus content as well.

That includes at least one scene from the first act of the film, which follows Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) during his early years, including a look at his young life on Corellia and his stint in the Imperial Navy. The film doesn’t show much of Han’s enlisted time, instead picking up after he’s been in the armed forces for three years and is just about to break out. Mention to the Kasdans that you wanted to see more of Han’s experience in the navy — including glimpses of the aerial training that turned him into a skilled pilot — and you’ll get a surprising answer.

“Yeah, so did we!,” Jonathan Kasdan said. “In fact, we hope, and I believe that when you finally get a Blu-ray of this movie, you’ll see a terrific scene with Han in aerial training and then getting kicked out of aerial training.”

And finally, within the same IndieWire piece, Jon Kasdan reveals that his cameo was cut from the film, which we also hope will be included in the Blu-ray bonus content.