Skywalking Through Neverland #161: Talking ‘Twin Suns’

Lucasfilm screened “Twin Suns” and the Season 3 Finale of STAR WARS REBELS for a select few, including Skywalkers Donald Wicks (Rebel Legion) and Joey Pittman (Disney Universe Podcast). They join in a discussion of Twin Suns;, share their Lucasfilm experience and also share audio from the Q&A between Sam Witwer (Maul) and Dave Filoni (Overseer of Star Wars Everything). We will be sharing more of that Q&A next week, as some of it includes discussion on the Season Finale. Also joining us is Tyler Westhause (Star Wars Podcast Alliance) to talk “Twin Suns” and his favorite Star Wars character: MAUL. I don’t know if fans have ever been more split on a Star Wars Rebels episode. Richard and Sarah certainly were. We read several comments from Skywalkers, too. This is a full-on debate!

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