Seth Green Gives Us a Status Update on Star Wars: Detours

In a interview with Collider, Seth Green gives us an update on the current status of Star Wars: Detours.

Robot Chicken is known for poking fun at pop culture. I also love that you guys are one of the few who actually kind of take aim at Star Wars every once in a while, and it comes from a loving place, obviously. Do you have any updates on the state of Star Wars: Detours? Is there anything you can talk about, or is it still kind of status quo from where it’s been for the last few years?

Green: It’s still pretty status quo. My understanding is that the Lucasfilm plan is rooted in new movies and expansive television for the Disney+ platform. And it doesn’t seem right now that they’re pursuing this kind of comedy. It’s a tough thing because the show was created before the sale to Disney, before the plan to make new movies, before the plan to develop a theme park environment, before the concept of a subscriptions streaming service that housed several offshoots, including an Obi Wan show or a Mandalorian show. It’s like all of that came post us making these 40 episodes. And so I guess I really don’t know. I think there would have to be such a clear and vocal fan demand to make anybody want to shift their plan. Because right now it doesn’t seem like the company plan includes this kind of deconstructive comedy coexisting with these sincere interpretations of the characters.

Well, I imagine if it’s just a Robot Chicken special, it lives in a slightly different world than something that was produced by Lucasfilm and created by George Lucas. It’s a little easier for the company to have external parodies than it is for them to present their own characters in a deconstructive way.

We’re still hoping that Star Wars: Detours will see the light of day in some form, we’d be happy with a DVD/Blu-ray release at this stage — please Disney/Lucasfilm, we want it!
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