Sam Witwer on the Enduring Legacy of Darth Maul

io9 got to sit down and talk to Sam Witwer, who made the leap to the big screen as the voice of Maul in Solo: A Star Wars Story, about bringing Maul to the big screen and more. Witwer looks back on joining Park as part of the wild and vast legacy of Darth Maul beyond The Phantom Menace.

io9: What was the moment when you found out Maul was going to be in Solo?

Sam Witwer: Well, it was very casually mentioned to me by Matt Wood, who is the [supervising sound editor] on this whole thing, and also the voice of General Grievous, among other things. He just kind of casually mentioned it to me, and did it in such a way as to provoke an emotional response and then laughed in my face. That was it basically—I mean, and then shortly thereafter my reps were contacted.

io9: Maul plays a very important but small role in the film, which is set between the storylines you went through on Clone Wars and then on Rebels. What was it like getting in that headspace of visiting this particular slot between those times in Maul’s life for you?

Witwer: Well, there was definitely vindication for the things he was up to in Clone Wars that lead directly into this story, in Solo. I surely appreciated the fact that they were using that work we did to inform upon the context of the world of Solo, because it’s is such a darker corner of the Star Wars universe—the color palette is darker, what’s happening with the characters is sometimes dark. Which is really contrasted against all the humor in the film. But I really appreciated that; like with all Star Wars, it really is all about these imaginative radicals you can dive down into, right? And I love it when they use work we’ve done in other places to help shade out something in, say—like this movie for example. That fact that we did the work in Clone Wars means for the fans that really loved that, there’s a whole area of that movie, a whole context of that movie, that’s shadier and completely fertile and creates a wider, broader world for them to dive into. It’s a big sandbox. And we had built some really cool sand on one side of that sandbox, and I love the fact that they let us use that. And I love the fact that Ron Howard and his crew were so interested in that. I love the fact that they really wanted to make sure the Solo Maul, as he would appear, they really wanted it to seem like the Clone Wars. I love that.

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