Rumor: Jon Favreau’s Live-Action Series To Focus On Mandalorians

Yesterday we learned a bit about the projected budget and number of episodes associated with Jon Favreau’s upcoming Star Wars live-action series that will be delivered to our homes via Disney’s new streaming service sometime next year. Jason over at Making Star Wars double-dips on the Favreau news with information he has heard from sources claiming what this new series will be about.

According to his report, the series will be centered around the popular Mandalorian characters and what happens to Mandalore after the fall of the Empire. Check out the intro to Jason’s article below and then take the supplied source link for more.

Rumors on Jon Favreau’s live action Star Wars television series have been circulating lately. It is still pretty early to firmly confirm much of this with 100% accurate faith. So please consider this a rumor for now that we have heard from sources who have panned out in the past. For the last few months, we keep hearing the same rumors and the rumors consist of the same general information and the same general beliefs.